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5-Axis Machining. Electrical Discharge Machining.

The Mantz Method

It takes high-precision equipment to make complex molds and dies. Mantz Automation’s world-class machining facility is equipped with an arsenal of specialized machining equipment enabling us to machine precision molds for both metal materials and plastic materials.

5-Axis CNC Machining

5-axis CNC machining was originally developed to create complex parts for the aerospace and power generation industries. With all the advantages of 5-axis machining, it wasn’t long before mold makers began using them—Mantz Automation included.

We use simultaneous 5-axis machining for its ability to machine complex shapes in one run. It’s not only faster than 2-axis, 3-axis, or 3+2-axis machining, it’s also more cost-effective.


5 Benefits of 5-Axis Machining


Ability to machine complex shapes without a multitude of special fixtures and time-consuming setups. Efficiency is increased, human errors prevented, and costs reduced.


Can machine every surface except the bottom of the piece and the clamped area, so less time is spent on setups and specialty fixtures.


With less need for setups, feature-to-feature accuracy is superior to work done on 3-axis or 2-axis machines.


Surface finish is enhanced because rotating fourth and fifth axes allow the part to be positioned closer to the cutting tool, so it’s less susceptible to vibration at high cutting speeds.


5-axis machining can mill deep areas and ribs that previously required slower EDM processes.

EDM Machining for Mold Tooling and Die Fabricating

Unlike CNC machining, which uses a cutting tool to remove metal material, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) directs high-frequency electrical sparks from an electrode to vaporize electrically conductive metals. The type of EDM is known as sinker EDM, or die sink EDM. There is also Wire EDM and hole drilling EDM.

EDM is widely used in mold and die making because it works so well on hard materials like titanium, enables more complex shapes and designs than mechanical cutting machines can produce and doesn’t put any mechanical force into the workpiece. The surface quality of finished molds also tends to be of higher quality with EDM than with mechanical cutting technologies.

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