Sampling & Short Run Production

The Mantz Method

We produce many types of short-run injection molds including: Direct injection molds, High-pressure molds, Technical injection molds, Reaction injection molds, Overmolds, Insert molds, Foam molds, Thin wall molds and more! 

Plastic Injection Molding for Short-run Production

Mantz Automation engineers metal or plastic molds used in injection molding manufacturing. We design our molds first using a CAD file and then bring them to life using 5-axis and EDM machining. Once the mold is complete, we rigorously test the mold to make sure the end product is flawless. Since we have Injection Molding Machines to test our molds, we can also do limited run productions for clients. Instead of using your own machinery or finding a third party company to do injection molding for you, let us take care of the manufacturing for you. It can be hard to find a company that’s easy to work with when you need a fixed amount of product. At Mantz Automation, we understand that you know your company best. We care about your bottom-line budgets and will provide the best quality molds and products for your company. 

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