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The Mantz Method

Whether you need an injection mold refurbished or complete redesign, Mantz Automation delivers the best mold making services. We understand that your company needs a reliable mold for successful production runs. That’s why our employees test every mold for quality in-house before shipping it to your company. We would be happy to work with you to create the right mold for your industry’s needs. After 30 years of making molds, we still take pride in producing molds of the highest standards.

Mold & Die Making

Mantz Automation uses top-of-the-line CAD programs to design precision molds, dies and tooling for manufacturers around the world. Our expert engineers fabricate molds using 5-axis and EDM machining to accurately build the smallest of molds. Our experienced CNC operators are the reason why manufacturers and engineers trust us to make the perfect mold.

Mold/die making refers to the manufacturing of plastic and metal molds used in injection molding processes to mass-produce parts, pieces, or goods. Our engineers will choose the correct material for the mold based on its intended application. Plastic molds are commonly used with softer materials and for short production runs. Metal molds made out of iron, aluminum and other alloys have the durability to last for long product runs.

All of our molds are custom-made due to each mold being intricately designed to precise dimensions for the end product. Many dies are machined so precisely that they have a tolerance of less than one-thousandth of an inch. Our 5-axis machine cuts across X, Y and Z axes along with rotating on the A and B axes. 5-axis CNC machining enables us to do the most complicated mold designs for our clients.


Minimize downtime with Mantz mold rebuilding & refurbishing

We understand how important a properly working mold is. The last thing your company needs is a worn out mold that slows down the production process or produces flawed results. Our Mantz employees can convert and refurbish your mold so that it lives up to the performance standards of your company. We will troubleshoot, clean and test your refurbished mold to ensure that it works like new and won’t cause any additional problems. When you have an old mold in need of updating, Mantz Automation gets the job done in as little time as possible, so you can get back to production quickly.

Maximize profits with top rated mold repair company

If you choose the wrong company to fix a broken mold, you could be out of production for far too long. At Mantz Automation, we understand that every moment you need to wait for repairs is profit out the window. That’s why we provide the fastest turnaround times to get your mold better than its original condition. We are the die manufacturers who go above and beyond to ensure smooth and efficient production.

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