Started in 1989 by Bob and Denise Mantz, Mantz Automation Inc. was built on the twin principles of customer service and competitive pricing. Mantz Automation grew rapidly by identifying and responding quickly to our customers’ needs.

ownersAs our customer base grew, we sought out and implemented new technology and new ideas. Of course acquisitions included machinery, but we also invested in our people.

Mantz Automation has expertise in the engineering and building of all types of molds.

Our state-of-the-art technology in machining equipment and programming software along with highly trained individuals that net results, to put us at the head of the class in specialty machining.

In 2006, Mantz Automation built its new headquarters in Hartford, WI. By 2011, we needed to expand our ‘new’ building due to the rapid growth of the company. The additional 25,000 sq. ft. brought the building to 75,000 sq. ft. The new plant was designed specifically to streamline our production and allow us to bring all phases of tool building in-house.

Mantz Automation can handle your project from Design to CNC Machining, EDM work, 5-Axis Machining, Gun Drilling, Polishing, Welding, and Assembly. We are more than a Tool Shop or a Precision Machining Shop. We have become the one-stop source for the engineering, development, and manufacture of your custom products. Our experienced staff is able to coordinate your entire project.

In the past 5 years, we have…

  • Invested $8 million in new machinery.
  • Invested $175,000 in the technological backbone of the company.
  • Invested $500,000 in Design software.
  • Invested $75,000 in the continuing education of our employees.

We understand the need to advance technology and invest in our machinery but we know it is vital to invest in our people as well. We provide for the continuing education of our employees, as well as in-house training.